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Message from the president

Founded in 1969, Sanritsu Chemicals Co. Ltd. is a chemical products trading company. To keep in pace with the rapid domestic economic growth at that time, we have started trading chemical compound components such as the large FRP-made storing tank and pipe that are indispensable in large-scaled factory operation. At the same time, in order to fulfill the domestic housing needs, we have simultaneously extended our scope of variety of products to kitchen/toilet equipments of apartments and hotels, thus building a strong foundation stone of a corporation.In 1975, we made a bold move to shift to the electronic industry and tried to pioneer on specializing in trading electronic parts and materials. With the provision of electronic components and liquid crystals products in the past years, we have contributed a lot to the electronics industry and establish a long-standing goodwill with numerous corporations.

To correspond to the revolution of electronic industry and supply new products and compound materials, we have actively been expanding the global market. With the head start of the set up of our Hong Kong office in the year 2001, we have founded other oversea offices in Shanghai, and the USA. These offices are the keys for our global developments and for our next challenges.

Sanritsu Chemicals has been making efforts to catch the information of the latest technologies and the market's needs through our closely related suppliers and subsidiary companies in the world, which contribute to the development of customers' advanced electronic products and the productivity increase. Armed with these valuable information, we deeply make a trustworthy partnership with Japanese and oversea corporations from the first stage of planning of a project. Hence, we build a new business style and challenge for flexible business in this age.

As last, Sanritsu Chemicals deeply recognizes as a member of society, observes the law, endeavors to operate the company fairly and transparently, harmonizes with environment, contributes to social activity and endeavor to achieve the affluent society as a sensible citizen.

president Tamotsu Suzuki