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Message from the president

Sanritsu Chemicals Co., Ltd. was launched in 1969 as a trading company originally conceived to specialize in the chemical products field.

Moving into the 1970s, Sanritsu advanced into the electronics domain as a trading entity committed to furnishing excellence in a wide array of electronic materials and components. The Company progressively expanded its business sphere into sales and maintenance of related equipment, steadily forging an even more solid corporate base.

Sanritsu has similarly spearheaded a program of energetic overseas development, opening corporate affiliates first in Hong Kong and then in China and the United States as well. In keen collaboration with our offices in the Republic of Korea and Taiwan, these operations have been strategically linked to function as a smooth and seamless global network.

Going forward, we pledge to aggressively strive through the sturdy ties fostered with our suppliers and corporate partners to attain dynamic global business growth, staying firmly abreast of the latest trends in technical information and market needs. This stance naturally extends to supplying our customers with stellar products and services, in combination with ever bolder and more penetrating solutions.

Sanritsu earned certification under ISO14001 in 2006, further paving the way to proposals of top-notch environmental friendly products and energy-saving systems.

In reflection of our profound awareness of the essential need for companies to shine as fully responsible and contributing members of society, we spare no time or effort in the promotion of fair and transparent corporate activities in thorough compliance with all laws and regulations, while likewise vigorously championing fruitful environmental preservation initiatives.

As we redouble our pursuit of these and other aspirations, I look forward to your precious understanding and support for Sanritsu Chemicals, and all of its corporate endeavors, for many years to come.

Hitoshi Okuzumi