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Environmental Policy

Performing business centered on product trade, and the installation and maintenance of machine devices, Sanritsu Chemicals Co. Ltd. endeavors to pursue a strategy on environmental conservation, striving to minimize the environmental impact of our products, and prudently refining our environment policy to achieve sustainable development. In order to achieve this mission, the following concrete approaches are set with the aim of conserving our environment. With the regulated evaluation of the approaches listed below, our environment policy management system continues to improve steadily.

Concrete approaches include:

1. Marketing of Green Products

Expansion of the trade of environmental-friendly products (lead-free and halogen-free)

2. Management and Personnel Training of Energy-Saving and Resources-Saving

This focuses on Maintaining and Managing the use of electricity and gasoline, and sorting waste.
Developing the person having an interest in environment.

Acquired ISO 14001 Certification

On June 2006, Sanritsu Chemicals acquired ISO14001. We are continuing to tackle global environment preservation activities, and conduct regulated evaluation of the approaches listed below. We are also striving for certification in environmental management systems, in accordance with ISO14001.
(The certification is restrieted to Principal Office and Matsusaka Office, Fukuyama Office. )