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Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection)

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection)

1.Your personal information submitted to this website will be used only for such purposes as posting of literature and other communications, transmitting e-mails (of notices and other materials) and replying to your inquiries.
2.Without your prior permission, we will not use the personal information you have submitted to this website (e.g. name, address, telephone number, details of inquiry, e-mail address) for any direct marketing or follow-up survey; nor will we disclose, sell or lend your personal information to any party other than SANRITSU CHEMICALS CO., LTD. We may, however, disclose your personal information without your consent if required to do so by statute or by such public institutions as the court or the police.
3.As for statistical information (e.g. geographical location, company category, item of inquiry), which identifies no persons or companies, we are entitled to make free use of the same and disclose it to any third party.
4.We ask customers under 16 to submit personal information to this website only with their parents▀f consent.
5.Submission of your personal information to this website is optional, though we may not be able to serve you fully without certain information.


We at SANRITSU CHEMICALS CO., LTD. make the following efforts to protect your personally identifiable information (hereinafter called "personal information"):

1.We adhere to all statutes and standards relating to personal information protection.
2.We collect or receive personal information for our operations only to the extent needed, and with your prior consent following notification of our intended usage.
3.When we supply or disclose our collected personal information for any project in the course of our operations, we do so only to the necessary extent, with your prior consent following notification of our intended usage. We will not externally supply or disclose that information beyond the scope of such usage, unless required by law or other legally binding order.
4.We take all necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage of your personal information, and to otherwise ensure its appropriate management. We also work to prevent any illegal access by any unauthorized party to our storage system for any personal information or other data stored therein.
5.When outsourcing any operation that deals with personal information, we will stipulate and implement necessary information management by contract or other similar instrument, including prohibition of subcontracting or supplying such information to any third party, as well as prohibiting its use for any improper purpose.
6.We appoint an individual responsible for appropriate management of personal information in the course of our operations, while also taking such necessary measures as education/enlightenment of our officers, as well as of all employees.
7.We will comply, to a reasonable extent, with your request for notification of usage, disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal information provided by you.
8.The details of our privacy policy are subject to continuous reexamination and will be improved as needed.

Request for Notification of Usage, Disclosure, Correction or Deletion of Your Personal Information

If you wish your personal information to be disclosed, corrected, added to or deleted, please contact us at <contact@sanritsu-che.co.jp>; we will comply with your request as promptly as practicable.


For inquiries about this web page, please contact us at <contact@sanritsu-che.co.jp>.

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