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List of Liquid Crystal Related Product

With a wide range of commodities and the latest technologies,

Nowadays, liquid-crystal technology has become a vital technology for supporting consumers’ daily lives, through products from LED TVs to various information devices. Sanritsu Chemicals Co. Ltd. supplies the manufacturing devices and materials for liquid crystals from the initial stages through to the final assembly process stages. In  particular, we have increased supply of AFC (anisotropic conductive film), which enables batch connection of multiple electrodes with an adhesive that distributes the conduction molecules; OCA (visibility enhancement film for displays) that controls the reflection of light; and sputtering materials for liquid crystal panels. We always endeavor to gain customers’ trust through the technology of our top level and wide-ranging merchandise lines.

Category Product
Liquid crystal panel
production devices
>Cleaning machine   >PI coater system   >IR oven   >Rubbing machine
>Macro inspection machine   >Seal dispencer   >Scriber & breaker
>Beveling machine   >Laminating machine
Liquid crystal module
assembling process
>Grinding machine   >Polarizer affixing machine   >ACF bonding machine   >Testing machine
>TFT aging machine   >Glass tester   >Automatic vision inspection machine
Liquid crystal
manufacturing process
>Cassettes   >Hard/Soft Box
>MGV   >Engineering plastics-related and Metal-related processing
Liquid crystal
related materials
>ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film)   >Silicone rubber sheet(SA sheet)
>Moistureproof dielectric materials   >Reflector
>Light guide plate   >Protection film   >Clean room tool
>Sputtering target materials   >OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive)