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To lead the market by making high-precision, high density-products realizing the evolution of products

Semiconductors serve as core parts of various electronic devices and machines that support our modern life, such as personal computers, cell phones, game machines, home electric appliances such as televisions and refrige-rators, and automobiles.
Electronic manufacturers are required to produce higher-precision, higher-density package products.
Sanritsu Chemicals provides key components and mate-rials for semiconductors. We are determined to keep up with the ever-evolving electronics industry, making incessant R&D efforts jointly with specialized manufacturers, placing high priority on meeting customers' demands.

Category Product
Materials of
Front end Process
>Silicon wafer   >CMP Slurry   >Polyimide
Materials of
Back end Process
>Rigid Board for Packaging   >Epoxy Molding Compounds   >Ag Paste
>Die Bonding Film   >Consumables .Others   >Pb-free Solder
>Jig·Processed materials