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List of Solar・LEDs related products

①	Providing new indispensable technology to achieve an ecological society for all industrial fields.

Sanritsu chemicals supplies polycrystals and single crystal silicon wafers, as well as the SOG (high purity) silicon used to produce those materials, to ensure a sufficient supply of sunlight heat generating systems. We also manufacture solar batteries that have excellent conversion efficiency and durability. In addition, we meet various needs for supplying advanced LED lighting and the LED device products, which are destined to become the leading components of lighting in the next generation due to their low power consumption and long life. We will continue to conduct research and development in the future, and aim at still higher technologies that greatly contribute to the development of an ecological society.
In addition, we propose energy-saving products for global environment too.

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>Multi-Crystal Silicon Wafers   >CF (Conductive Film)
>LED Chip   >LED Lighting   >LED Power Supplies
Energy-saving products